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At Paper magazine’s launch dinner

Underrated and underappreciated by stone island outlet online   the majority of men, these are arguably the ultimate winter trousers.

Moleskin is a heavy duty, durable cotton fabric that has been woven and then sheared soft and short on one side. Renowned for their durability and softness, ensuring comfort in colder climes, some moleskin trousers are woven so densely that they are essentially windproof, making them ideal for the depths of winter and brisk autumn mornings.

They traditionally come in a chino style in earthy tones such as olive, brown and beige – perfect for nailing this season’s military aesthetic – and can be paired with absolutely anything under the sun.
Like all good parties, Art Basel wasn’t complete without a little T&A—and don’t worry, I’m talking about the old-school acronym, not some hyper-cool Swiss art collective you’ve never heard of.

At Paper magazine’s launch dinner for its already infamous Kim Kardashian issue, big booty was on everybody’s brain. Kardashian, who really DID balance that champagne on her butt, was there to emphasize the fact that, like a really good selfie or a really tragic celebrity baby name, the #breaktheinternet cover shot was in fact #art. She exclaimed, “I am so so pleased with the result  stone island cheap  of the cover…I love that I did something so artsy and it’s exactly right to be here at Art Basel, because I truly believe what we made is art.”