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Below is the locations you can dig

Below is the locations you can dig the Ore in southern and european area.Hot My own Factors in Eastern Continent HaranyaHot My own Factors in Western Continent NuiaSeeing these hot mine now? If you discover  ArcheAge Gold  that yourLabor Factors could ever use, please focus on exploration 1 hour, you will discover the stabilizing amount quicker than do archeage missions.

What's more, you can generate the Metal Ingots at once straight after you completed searching Metal Ore, believe you can upgrade again. Of course, if you do not want to generate, just put these Ore elements on AH, you can also generate much money!

There are many methods to stabilizing in ArcheAge, such as do pursuit, growing, dealing, exploration and so on. Whichever way you select, you have to know the stabilizing missions, device, devices, guild, etc.Leveling QuestsArcheAge compared with any activities you performed, please have a right mind-set. Doing the ArcheAge missions is the quickest way to stabilizing, please completed each pursuit.http://www.agegoldsale.com/