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The Infamy Factors will remain even after the Player

The Infamy Factors will remain even after the Player has completed his/her quantity of time in Prison. There are a few missions in the Game that can help you to reduce your quantity of Infamy Factors. Such as, there's a everyday pursuit that Cutthroat buccaneers can do that reduce your infamy by 100, you can also buy the Infamy/Crime Point reduce concoction from  ArcheAge Gold the Commitment Point shop.So, want to quick to be a buccaneer, you need to hurry 3000 infamy points quick, there is a quickest way you can know.


Develop another personality, make sure this personality with your primary personality in the same faction.2, mail1000 plant seeds of spud or cucumber, these two vegetation with the most affordable and quickest adulthood. Why you need 1000? Because would enhance 3 infamy points when you were issue a moment, so 1000 periods is 3000 infamy points.3, discover a big place and nobody filled position to place 1000 plant seeds with your another personality, you can ask help if you feel this step too difficult, of course, you can also group farming.


Growing these vegetation (potato or cucumber) with your primary personality when the vegetation adulthood.5, review your primary personality with another personality.Completed above 5 actions and your infamy points up to 3000, you will instantly become a buccaneer. If you are always remain secured areas and no one position to growing and taking, even you will not going to jail.Once you become a pirate.http://www.agegoldsale.com/