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If Customer is not able to create payment

PACKING - Unless otherwise offered, Our Company will conform only with its minimum packing specifications for the method of transport chosen. The price of all unique packing, running or expecting asked for by Customer ArcheAge Gold  will be compensated for by Customer. All price of packing and delivery for Customers unique equipment shall be compensated for by Customer.


PAYMENT TERMS - Transaction terms are 1/2% 10, Net 30, with a having charge of 1-1/2% monthly for costs acquired after A month. The discount is appropriate only to the invoiced value of the content (not to taxation or shipping charges). Our Company provides the right to need advance payment or appropriate security for the items if the finances of Customer so should get as identified by Our Company.


If Customer is not able to create payment according to regards to this contract or any security contract, or is not able to adhere to ArcheAge Online Gold  any conditions hereof, Our Company may, at its choice (and moreover to other remedies), terminate any unshipped part of this buy. Customer is to stay accountable for all overdue records.TAXES AND IMPORT/EXPORT LICENSES - Prices do not consist of taxation.